eBook: How to choose the optimal math software for engineers

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With a big variety of choices comes quite a dilemma - which product is qualitative, which one is value for money, which one will suit your needs etc.

This is not just a daily struggle but also a business challenge, especially if you are looking for software.

Engineering mathematics software has become a cornerstone of the profession. During early development, these tools enable engineers to perform back-of-the-napkin calculations as fast as they can write down fundamental equations. These tools also have various uses throughout the development process. Perhaps most notable is the ability of math software to produce formal engineering documents. But how do engineers differentiate between the maths software available on the market? How can they decide which one will better fit their workflows and internal systems? Attached eBook examines business decision processes, and the variables engineers need to consider to focus specifically on math software. The goal is to ensure all organizations choose math software that meets their engineering goals. It also covers how to create a decision matrix and includes sample worksheets to help engineers make informed choices.

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