Embedded World 2019: Analog Devices shows technologies for embedded system design

Analog Devices’ (ADI) presence at Embedded Eorld 2019, Nuremberg, Germany, 26 – 28 February, will feature a broad range of demonstrations and presentations re-affirming how the company's mission to sense, measure, interpret, connect, power and secure places it at the core of embedded system design across every application domain. ADI’s stand (no. 641 in Hall 4A) will place special emphasis on emerging and rapidly-developing technologies, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), as they are applied to and deployed in the embedded space. ADI will further leverage its deep domain and system-level expertise at the intersection of the physical and digital world by delivering presentations on a wide range of topics at the show’s Exhibitor Forum.

One of the key demonstrations will show how effective AI can be when applied in a focussed and local fashion, centering on a self-learning algorithm running on an industry leading ultra-low power ARM-core-based microcontroller. This showcase will highlight how embedded AI can help to create a wireless smart sensor system for condition based monitoring applications, and that, without requiring connectivity to large-scale computing resources, the AI approach can learn what constitutes normal operating parameters, and flag any deviation from the norm.

A related demonstration features a complete real-time monitoring solution: machine health monitoring of a motor, with structural health monitoring of the motor’s mounting, to set out a methodology for complete supervision of an equipment installation. Vibration is sensed by MEMS accelerometers, with local signal processing, analysis and decision making; EtherCAT networking with power-over-Ethernet complete the package.

Staying with industrial networks, and in support of the Industry 4.0 concept, increased support for the critical issue of cyber security will be highlighted as part of an illustration of Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) techniques, boosting security alongside features such as time synchronization, pre-emption and control of TSN via OPC-UA.

In the area of transportation, two case studies are featured, both relating to the development of autonomous vehicles. An illustration of steer-by-wire sensor technology shows measurement of electrical power steering angle and torque, with a solution intended for integration within a steering column, to remove the need for separate sensor module assembly and calibration. Addressing the requirement for vehicles to construct a high-resolution image of the environment around them, ADI will display a complete prototyping platform for creation of LIDAR systems.

Control of power will be a strong theme on the ADI stand, as highlighted by demonstrations of solutions that power engineers can apply to provision supplies to today’s, and tomorrow’s, increasingly complex embedded systems. Examples will illustrate use of ADI’s power system management ICs and uModules in efficient multiple power rail generation and management, maximizing control, safety, and visibility over power rails in the smallest possible space. Among the other technology highlights on the stand will be a live demonstration of the spectrally “ultra-clean”, low-EMI capabilities of ADI’s Silent SwitcherTM II voltage regulators.

A further power demo links back to the transportation sector and, in particular, electric vehicles. Comprehensive management of high-voltage battery stacks will be shown, combining precision cell measurements and temperature measurements with synchronous stack voltage and current measurements on an isoSP bus. The demonstration will feature accurately measurement of a 36-cell battery stack, and employing a precision EV/HEV Coloumb counter.

Alongside exhibits relating to the industrial domain, transportation, as well as energy and power control, ADI will present demonstrations of its technologies applied to instrumentation, healthcare and sensing. Visit www.analog.com/embedded-world to learn more about the full range of demonstrations.