ERIKS across the UK and Ireland is excited to announce a significant upgrade to its customer complaints and feedback process. With a renewed commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences, ERIKS UK has launched a dedicated portal, providing customers with a convenient and efficient way to voice their concerns or provide feedback. 

This initiative is part of ERIKS UK's continuous improvement drive, that aims to enhance the overall customer experience, swiftly address issues, and prevent problems from recurring. The new portal can be accessed by ERIKS UK customers, providing them with a direct channel to communicate feedback. 

When customers log a complaint or provide feedback through the portal, they will receive a prompt acknowledgement, followed by a personal call from an appropriate ERIKS representative within 24 hours. This proactive approach ensures that the company understands the specifics of the issue and can provide a likely response time. ERIKS UK is committed to resolving all complaints as quickly as possible but has set a seven-day maximum window, ensuring that customer concerns are addressed promptly and efficiently. 

Isabel Smith, Quality Manager for UK & Ireland at ERIKS, highlights the importance of this change, stating, "Our goal is to go beyond quick fixes and truly understand the root causes of issues. By encouraging customers to post their complaints directly onto our system, we can delve deeper into the problems and identify opportunities for improvement created by systemic issues." 

The enhanced process brings benefits to both customers and ERIKS. Customers will experience quicker response times and assurance that their concerns are being addressed comprehensively. For ERIKS, the new system enables analysis of trends and root causes, allowing the company to continually improve its services and eliminate non-value-added activities. 

Isabel Smith summarises stating, "Our customers now have direct access to voice their concerns and share their experiences, without hindering the established communication and relationship with their ERIKS contact. This new line of communication ensures that complaints or compliments can be formally registered and addressed, with a clear path to resolution." 

While customers can still choose to communicate verbally or in writing with their ERIKS contact, the new portal offers an additional traceable option, giving customers the flexibility to provide feedback conveniently and expect timely resolutions. 

ERIKS UK is dedicated to providing the best possible service to its customers and is confident that the enhanced complaints and feedback process will lead to better customer experiences and more comprehensive problem-solving.