Fine milling system gets to work for chemical processing company

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fine milling

Hosokawa Micron recently won an order for a fine milling system to suit the rigorous demands of UK-based contract chemical processing company Exwold Technology.

With an exacting requirement for a pesticide formulation milling system able to achieve throughput rates of 900kg/hr and a particle top size limitation of 15 microns the customer awarded the contract to Hosokawa based on their technical expertise, project management capability and most appropriate equipment supply to meet the target requirements.

“The customer specialises in formulation and processing for the crop protection and speciality chemicals markets, providing toll processing services on a worldwide basis. We were happy to support through extensive product trials carried out at the Hosokawa Alpine test centre to ensure correct mill selection and operating parameters to meet the customer’s needs,” explained John Buck, area sales manager, Hosokawa Micron.

Hosokawa Micron supplied a 630 AFG Fluidised Bed Jet Mill with integral 315 ATP Classifier that is capable of producing the top size requirement with extremely tight particle size distribution. This configuration gives the customer highly efficient and accurate particle sizing across the high volume throughput.

Product is fed to the mill by screw feeder via a double flap valve to ensure an accurate, modulated flow of material and maintaining the integrity of the 10 Bar containment. Once milled the product is collected in a filter.

As standard within an agrochemical plant the stainless steel construction milling system is fully ATEX compliant and built to 10 Bar pressure resistant design. The crevice free design of the mill and integral classifier helps ensure full product evacuation whilst the WIP nozzles allow easy cleaning for contamination free production between batches.

Buck added: “When the system was installed a few months ago, Hosokawa Micron engineers provided installation assistance and full commissioning services. The system is now fully operational with expected throughput and particle distribution targets achieved.”

Kevin Martin, managing director, Exwold Technology, said: “This new milling system is highly efficient and enables us to produce high volumes of powders to exacting particles size to meet the demands of new and existing customers. We have been extremely pleased with the service we have received from Hosokawa Micron and their sales and engineering teams. The ability to undertake pre-purchase tests ensured we were able to buy the right machine for the job.”