Titan Enterprises

Flow Sensors Critical in Food & Beverage Production

Titan Enterprises offers a range of high-performance flowmeters in food grade materials where both food hygiene and precision flow measurement are required.

Flow monitoring of high viscosity liquids, such as cooking oils, sauces and syrups (e.g. syrup injections in beverage lines) require devices such as Titan’s oval gear (OG) flowmeters, which provide highly accurate flow measurement. Measurement accuracy of OG flowmeters improves as the liquid viscosity increases, from a nominal 1% to around 0.1% of flow rate at higher viscosities.

In processes where ingredients need to be maintained at high temperatures – chocolate for example – a flowmeter designed for applications requiring precise flow measurement at elevated temperatures would be needed. Capable of operating up to 110°C, Titan’s inline non-invasive Atrato® ultrasonic flowmeter is largely immune from viscosity and offers excellent turndown and repeatability.


Further information: https://flowmeters.co.uk/selecting-specifying-liquid-flow-meters/