Gas-imaging camera to spot carbon-dioxide leaks

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Flir Systems


The Flir Systems GF343 is a high-performance gas-imaging camera designed to visually detect carbon dioxide (CO2) in real time.

Incorporating a cooled Indium Antimonide (InSb) detector the Flir GF343 is able to provide sensitive detection of even tiny CO2 gas leaks. Carbon Dioxide gas leaks are displayed as plumes of vapour in the camera's infrared image.

Optical gas imaging using the Flir GF343 is more effective than traditional CO2 sensors because the camera scans a broader area much more rapidly enabling you to locate hard-to-find leaks more quickly. Because the GF343 lets you detect CO2  gas leaks quickly, easily and from a safe remote distance it also offers significant advantages over contact measurement tools, particularly in difficult to reach areas. A fixed-mount version of the GF343 camera is available for inline tightness testing in quality assurance and manufacturing processes.

Flir Systems GF343 OGI camera is a proven effective preventative maintenance tool for technicians and engineers seeking to inspect plant and equipment without interrupting the course of normal operations. Whether carbon dioxide is a by-product of a production process, a trace gas used to detect leaks from power generators, or part of an Enhanced Oil Recovery program, fast and accurate detection of a gas leak is key to keeping your operation running safely, ef­ficiently, and pro­fitably.