General purpose industrial solvent cleaners - safe for users and the environment

Clarea® non-chlorinated industrial solvent cleaners are compatible with all metals, composites and most plastics used to remove dirt, oil, grease, or other contaminants from surfaces without causing harm or leaving residue. They are used as immersion cleaners for component cleaning in manufacturing and engineering industries and as wipe cleaners for large surface areas prior to painting or powder coating.

The environmental concerns and health hazards of the chlorinated solvents used as industrial degreasing agents has led to the formulation of this EnviroTech range of safer cleaning solvents.


What to consider when choosing suitable solvent cleaning products?

Solvents used for cleaning must be highly refined and leave no residues on drying. They need to be highly effective removing oils and soils without causing damage or corrosion of the parts or components being processed and leave minimal residues.

Cleaning specifications vary widely from very demanding automotive and aerospace applications to less demanding applications where critical cleaning is not needed such as pre-used parts or assemblies from the transportation, aerospace, or manufacturing equipment sectors. Heavily contaminated when removed from service these must be free of oils, soils, grease and dirt before disassembly prior to refurbishing and rebuilding. Much of this work will be manual and the considerations for the safety of operators, hand wiping or brush cleaning is paramount.

Clarea® products are aliphatic hydrocarbon based low odour degreasing solvents with specified flash points. They will remove oils, greases, hydraulic fluids cutting fluids and a wide variety of hydrocarbon based protective coatings. Clarea® solvents can be safely used with all metals and composites and most plastic and paint finishes.

Clarea® HC40 is low odour degreasing fast drying solvent with a flash point of 40°C. It is suitable for ultrasonic and dip systems and can be used with brush or in hand-wipe processes. Clarea® HC62 is a degreasing solvent with a flash point over 60°C. It is suitable for hand-wipe applications when used externally.



  • Versatile and cost-effective solutions for all your industrial cleaning
  • Minimal odour and low toxicity for operators
  • Multipurpose uses can reduce the inventory of cleaning fluids.
  • Flexible uses - evaporation rates suitable for hand wipe, spray, or immersion tank cleaning
  • Clarea® HC40 for brush and hand wiping, air dries. Flash point 40°C
  • Clarea® HC62 for spray or immersion cleaning Flash point 62°C
  • Contains no chlorine, other halogens or stabilisers
  • Compatible with all metals and composites and most plastics
  • Excellent pre-cleaner for paint or powder coatings
  • Safe, reliable, environmentally friendly cleaning


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