Guided partial discharge measurements for factory acceptance tests on power transformers

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OMICRON announces the release of its new MPD TransformerTest Module for partial discharge (PD) testing on power transformers during factory acceptance tests. This optional software module provides users with a guided workflow for making QIECand/or RIV PD measurements used to verify insulation condition. It is used with the OMICRON MPD 600 partial discharge (PD) measurement and analysis system to en-sure a fast, efficient and reliable PD testing process.

Step-by-step workflow for set-up and measurement

The TransformerTest Module guides users step by step through single or multiple MPD device setup, calibration and PD measurement. The module’s customisable measurement dashboard displays relevant data selected by the user. After PD testing is completed, the module also assists users in creating custom reports containing the measured data and evaluation.

Standard compliant workflows

The test steps outlined in the TransformerTest Module are based on typical power transformer standards and test profiles including IEC 60076-3-Ed.3, IEC 60076-11, IEEE Std. C57.12.90, IEEE Std. C57.113-R2002 and IEEE C57.124-1991. The module enables users to plan these standard compliant measurement work flows ahead of time.

In addition to the new TransformerTest Module, OMICRON’s MPD 600 PD measure-ment and analysis system can be used with a variety of other PD accessories from OMICRON to support diverse PD testing applications.