High-feed milling cutter for diameters 13–32 mm

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A high-feed milling cutter for diameters 13–32mm (0.512-1.26in) has been introduced by Sandvik Coromant. Among the advantages of using the new CoroMill 415 are enhanced security, thanks to iLock insert seat interface technology, and high metal removal rates as a result of high cutter density and high feed capacity.

CoroMill 415 is an important addition to the choice of Sandvik Coromant cutters as it fills the application gap between the current round tools assortment series and existing high feed products such as CoroMill 210 and CoroMill 419.

A major feature is the cutter’s iLock insert seat interface, which has been designed to deliver high stability and reduce the potential for scrap workpieces. In addition, the insert seat itself ensures that the small inserts are easier to handle.

The extra stability during cutting is one of the factors that makes CoroMill 415 a suitable option for machine shops seeking productive solutions. The tool is capable of delivering elevated metal removal rates, for example, an outcome that is supported further by the cutter’s high density and high feed capacity. In turn, high metal removal rates help raise productivity, a factor supplemented by the extra-close H pitch, which can be deployed thanks to the tool’s inherent high stability, ensuring more than one tooth is always engaged in cut.

A further benefit for manufacturers is that, although the inserts are small, each offers four cutting edges to help reduce cost per component and boost competitive advantage.

For those looking to lower their tooling inventory and minimise machine downtime, CoroMill 415 is also available with the Coromant EH (Exchangeable Head) interface. With Coromant EH, manufacturers can access a wide assortment of solid carbide cutting heads, indexable milling cutters, boring heads, integrated machine adaptors and shanks to reduce their inventory of tools.

This added versatility is backed by the suitability of CoroMill 415 for all ISO materials and many different component machining applications.