High Pressure Flowmeter for Offshore Applications

Titan Enterprises

The OG4 range of High-Pressure Oval Gear flowmeters from Titan Enterprises provide an ideal solution for applications, within the oil and gas industry, that require a highly accurate and chemically resistant flow measurement device, such as metering high pressure additive injection. Benefiting from a compact, rugged design, OG4 flowmeters are proven to operate reliably even at high pressures, providing long-term performance with minimal maintenance. Furthermore, Titan’s OG4 flowmeters are able to operate at temperatures up to 150°C and are fully IP67/NEMA 4 compliant. Each OG4 flowmeter comes with a pressure test certificate that verifies the device’s ability to handle pressures up to 700 bar and up to 950 bar for custom-designed models.

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