High quality ELESA magnets

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Flat magnets and RMH

Elesa magnets are an easy, efficient and safe solution designed for all applications where non-permanent fixing is required. Equally, Elesa magnets are highly suitable for when it’s not appropriate to drill holes, but fixing is needed. Ideal for machine protection, automation sectors and control systems.

Cylindric magnets RMM

The Elesa range presents magnets in different materials, such as hard ferrite (HF), aluminium nickel cobalt (AlNiCo – AN), samarium cobalt (SmCo – SC) and neodymium iron boron magnets (NdFeB – ND). All of which meet numerous application needs.

Covering a wide variety of shapes, dimensions, and performances, the Elesa magnets range includes cylindric magnets, U-shaped magnets with pass-through hole in different dimensions also for small spaces; shielded and unshielded magnets for high and heavy duty applications.

Horseshoe magnets RMR

In addition to ease of use, Elesa magnets are praised for offering additional important advantages that result in savings on cost and time. 

Product technical data sheets, along with drawings and tables with codes and dimensions are available on our website elesa.com.