Injector pen training aid testing – case study

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Injector Pen Training Aid Testing

Crux Product Design is an innovative design agency which sees products through from a creative idea to production reality. One field the company focusses on is the engineering of medical devices and the associated lab testing, verification and evaluation services. Products including inhalers, needle-based injection devices, surgical tools, medical diagnostic equipment and training aids are required to be rigorously quality tested. Increasing success and demand for the company’s skills required some efficiencies in the testing procedures, as much of the test equipment was custom-designed in-house. By migrating to established testing systems, Crux were able to achieve time and cost savings by eliminating the design/development and trouble-shooting that could occur with internal solutions. The flexibility of force test systems and versatile fixturing capabilities afforded by Mecmesin ensured that Crux could continue to meet standards, such as ISO 11608, as well as their own stringent internal demands with a reduced overhead of maintaining unique equipment.