LC-Tec variable neutral density filter available from AP Technologies

PolarView ND 2AP Technologies has announced the international release of LC-Tec Display's liquid crystal based variable Neutral Density filter technology.

LCT's PolarView-ND(212)-AR replaces multiple filters with a single device which can be switched between F2 and F12 and is designed for flat spectral response and low angular dependence. As a result PolarView-ND(212) offers uniquely uniform angular transmittance properties together with small colour shift and is ideal for professional still and movie cameras as well as many commercial and industrial applications.

The optical density of the PolarView-ND filter is controlled electronically without any moving parts. The device is completely analog and fast switching from one setting to another enables instant adjustment in response to changing light conditions.

The standard filter is a 2in x 2in size but the technology can be offered in all of LCT's standard sizes from 7x8mm (5x5mm switching area)  upwards and in custom sizes up to 14in x 16in.

For more information on the PolarView-ND(212)-AR as well as LCT's  Fast Optical Shutter, Fast Polarisation Modulator and Variable Polarisation Rotator technology please visit the Liquid Crystal Optical Components pages.