Lumileds LUXEON 2835 LEDs


Mouser - Lumileds LUXEON 2835 LEDs Offer Easy Replacement in Retrofit Designs

Mouser Electronics, Inc. is now stocking LUXEON 2835 LEDs from Lumileds. Engineered as an ideal upgrade for an industry-standard LED package, the LUXEON 2835 are available in several configurations of light output and string voltage and electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection to meet a variety of lighting application needs including retrofit lamps, downlights, and troffers.

Lumileds LUXEON 2835 LEDs, available from Mouser Electronics, are offered in two light output ranges with a minimum color rendering index (CRI) of 80: LUXEON 2835C for higher efficacy and an industry-leading 240mA maximum drive current with 3V and 6V options and LUXEON 2835E for cost-effective retrofit lamp designs with 6V and 9V options. The LUXEON 2835C 3V is available in a neutral white 4000K version that produces 58 lumens at 156 lm/W, and a warm white 3000K version that produces 54 lumens at 145 lm/W when driven at 120 mA. The LUXEON 2835C 6V is available in a 4000K version that produces 113 lumens at 152 lm/W. The 2700K version produces 103 lumens at 138 lm/W when driven at 120 mA. The LUXEON 2835E 9V targets soft white (2700K) and produces 72 lumens at 129 lm/W, and the LUXEON 2835E 6V versions produce 49 lumens at 132 lm/W (3000K) or 48 lumens at 129 lm/W (2700K) when driven at 60 mA. All LUXEON 2835 LEDs can be driven at double these reference drive currents to achieve even higher flux and use fewer LEDs per bulb.

Forward voltage and luminous flux are binned at a junction temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, while color is hot-targeted at 85 degrees Celsius with the exception of LUXEON 2835C 3V, which is targeted at junction temperature of 25 degrees Celsius. The LUXEON 2835 LEDs from Lumileds are now available through Mouser Electronics in an industry-standard 2.8 mm × 3.5 mm surface mount package, and are targeted toward a broad array of general-purpose lighting applications including retrofit lamps, indoor lighting, and linear fixtures.