The Manual Direct Drive (MDD) test stand comprises a precision leadscrew and reinforced crosshead, which together provide the stability to accurately apply tensile and compressive forces up to 1000 N (220 lbf ).

Its ergonomic handwheel allows the operator to finely position the crosshead along any point of its 450mm travel - each rotation of the handwheel gives the sensitivity to move by as little as 2mm.

It can be used in a vertical position or when ordering a feet kit, it can be used horizontally for added operator comfort.

Crosshead movement can be measured by fitting an optional digital height scale, thereby creating a basic tester to display load and displacement.

Choose from the range of Mecmesin digital force gauges to select the most appropriate instrument to measure the load.

Key Features:

  • Excellent positional control through handwheel operation
  • High precision (when used in combination with Mecmesin's Advanced Force Gauge)
  • Measures displacement through an optional digital height scale
  • Portable
  • Can be bench mounted for more ergonomic use

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