Megadyne XMD Timing Belts: a revolutionary game-changer to the Food Industry

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Megadyne releases new XMD timing belts

Megadyne introduces a revolutionary game-changer to the Food Industry market - the XMD range of metal and X-ray detectable timing belts. The belts significantly improve the food safety levels through the reduction of the potential foreign body contamination coming from broken cleats and belts.

How XMD timing belts work

Megadyne's XMD belts timing belts are manufactured using a special blue polyurethane compound that is easily detected by metal and X-ray detectors. This way, products eventually contaminated by broken belt particles can be quickly spotted and removed from the production line.

Major benefits for the Food Industry

With Megadyne XMD timing belts, Food Industry lines may:

  • improve hygiene and food safety levels
  • reduce potential foreign body contamination
  • prevent expensive product recalls
  • maintain and build further brand trust.

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