Megalinear thermoplastic polyurethane timing belt for 3D printing

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Technological advances in 3D printing have advanced at an exponential rate in the last few years. Rapid development of the 3D printing process has ensured that all the components of the printer need to match these advances.

A critical component part is a linear indexing belt to accurately move the print head in three different axes: X Y & Z. The ability of these belts to position the print head with pinpoint accuracy, determines the quality and finish of the finished printed component.

Megadyne has developed a new product specifically for this application: a thermoplastic polyurethane timing belt with high-tensile steel reinforcement cords.

The belt has an increased top-cover thickness to increase the belt’s stability and protect the reinforcement cords.

The cords themselves have an increased tensile strength, producing minimal elongation during operation.

High levels of acceleration and deceleration are then possible, without a reduction in speed and positional accuracy.

Reduced elongation and belt stability are the key attributes that produce accurate position of the print head. Printed objects with a high degree of dimensional accuracy can then assured.

Megadyne linear belts can be incorporated into all types of 3D printers. From small types used for prototyping and hobbyists, to the largest industrial types currently available. In addition to the linear belt, Megadyne can offer clamping plates to match each belt type and width.