New filter materials for hydraulic systems

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New filter materials for hydraulic systemsBosch Rexroth is introducing a new generation of filter media, using state-of-the-art materials and advanced designs, to protect hydraulic systems, reduce overall costs and improve total cost of ownership (TCO).

No other industrial and manufacturing drive technology provides the power density, life cycle performance and resistance to adverse environmental conditions offered by hydraulics. This only applies, however, as long as the hydraulic fluid is not contaminated.

Similar to pathogens in humans, particles in the hydraulic fluid, invisible to the naked eye, can lead to malfunctions and permanent damage even in large systems – and as hydraulic technologies are engineered to tighter tolerances, sensitivity to particle contamination has increased. It is vital to take into consideration several key aspects of filtration, in order for hydraulic systems users to make intelligent and effective use of this newest generation of filter media. These considerations include:

Cleanliness requirements of hydraulic systems

– Technical criteria for filter selection

– Filter rating – Retention rate

– Dirt holding capacity

– Pressure differential

Controlling/reducing life cycle costs…