New range of roof-mounted fans

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Rittal Roof mounted fans RESIZED

A new range of roof-mounted fans that deliver superior efficiency, flexibility, protection and ease of use has just been launched by Rittal.

The new range is designed to reduce the costs associated with operation, installation and maintenance while better protecting the installed equipment that they are required to cool.

Running costs are reduced as radial fans, together with optimised air routing, serve to maximise the installed air throughput and minimise energy consumption. The fan performs effectively against pressure in a housing that has been developed to reduce resistance to air flow to a minimum.

Despite an air path with low resistance, the fans can protect the components inside the panel to an ingress protection (IP) category of IP 55.

The entire range, which includes a passive vent and models that provide uninstalled air throughputs of 500m³/h, 800m³/h and 1,000m³/h, utilises a single housing and hence a single cut-out, offering the flexibility to fit any unit to a single roof panel. What’s more, the fans with the largest air throughput incorporate electronically commutated (EC) motors to further improve efficiency.

Mounting and filter replacement is quick and easy, thanks to a number of key innovations. These include a clamping mechanism that allows the fans to be fitted from either inside or outside the enclosure; quarter-turn fixings that permit access to the filters;  and a plug terminal electrical connection. Collectively these design features help keep installation and maintenance costs to a minimum.