Optoelectronic and inductive switches

Leuze Electronic is expanding its portfolio of optoelectronic and inductive switches with capacitive proximity switches, making it possible for users to obtain complete solutions for all detection requirements from a single source.

Leuze Electronic is introducing contactless, wear-free switches which are resistant to electromagnetic influences, interference and contaminants in the air such as dust with its new range of capacitive products. The capacitive switches are available in a cylindrical or cubic design, and embedded or non-embedded versions for a wide range of mounting options. Due to their semiconductor technology, they have a long life expectancy, regardless of the detection and switching frequency. The new variants make contactless detection of many different objects and media possible, regardless of the shape. They are particularly suitable for detecting objects in harsh and dirty environments due to their IP67 housing. Because of their ability to "see through" certain materials, they are predestined for use in the packaging industry, detecting products in outer packaging and behind container walls, checking fill levels and monitoring these for completeness.