Monitoring and protection systems are playing an increasingly important role in the performance of turbines and other critical rotating machinery and the FREE downloadable guides published by SENSONICS are proving to be invaluable. As a condition monitoring and protection systems specialist with over 40 years of experience, Sensonics are in an ideal position to offer the best advice on monitoring systems. 

Following the publication of ‘Specifying Seismic Monitoring & Protection Systems’ and ‘The Turbine Supervisory’ guides they have just published their latest guide ‘Specifying Overspeed Protection Systems’. Overspeed protection is a key requirement in the power generation industry where failure of the machine speed control loop can lead to damaging consequences. Applicable to steam turbines, gas turbines and boiler feed pumps, the implementation of independent monitoring and shutdown protection is essential to minimise this risk.

This essential resource is a must-read for professionals involved in power generation system design as there are a multitude of equipment configurations and methodologies that can be applied, depending on the application. The guide describes the various components that make up an overspeed protection system, along with the recommended best practice.

For your FREE copy, simply log on to: https://www.sensonics.co.uk/specifying-overspeed-protection-guide