PermaStripe boot shapes assist airport security trays

1 min read


Security queues in airports get slowed down due to passengers not knowing where to place their items when passing through security gates. In this instance, their shoes.

While only seconds of time per person are lost, this adds up with the amount of people passing through daily, using up a large amount of time in the process.

Airports asked Heskins to come up with a solution that provided clear instruction to passengers that gave them direct indication where to place their shoes. This provides many benefits, in particular it reduces the need for staff to become distracted from their task in hand on surveying many people very quickly, and this speeding the security gate process.

Heskins recommended the use of PermaStripe material for the task. Die cut into boot shapes and applied into the security trays will help to provide visual instructions for passengers. PermaStripes high-quality adhesive also bonds exceptional well with the trays construction material, PP (Polypropylene). PP has a low energy surface, but due to PermaStripe’s adhesive levels, this is not a problem.

The 1:1 scale PermaStripe die cut boot shapes have proven to be an inexpensive, efficient solution that is reducing queue times through many airport security gates.