Precise, robust and reliable inclination sensors

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When it comes to choosing sensors which need to meet the demands of harsh outdoor environments such as railways, mechanical handling or external mobile automation applications, BAUMER offers the perfect range of sensor solutions. Many inclination sensors reach their limits in these challenging outdoor environments, unlike their new range of GIM500R inclination sensors.

Thanks to their extremely robust and resilient design the new GIM500R sensors are ideal for outdoor applications in mobile automation and ensure maximum system uptime. For example, they ensure precise and reliable positioning with accuracy up to ±0.1º, shock and vibration resistance up to 200g and 20g respectively and a wide operating temperature range from +85º down to -40º. In addition the sensors are E1 compliant, with optimal EMC properties, IP6900 protection and corrosion resistance up to C5-M.

The integrated EN13849 compliant software meets the highest requirements for reliability and allows for standard components to be used in functional safety systems up to PLd level.

They also feature an optional redundant system design where required.

Among the challenges that designers of mobile automation systems face, such as transportation or heavy vehicles is, very limited space. Therefore, the compact, yet robust aluminium housing of the GIM500R series ensures high cost-efficiency and maximum flexibility for system designers.