Product Design Improvements for Titan’s Oval Gear Flowmeters

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Titan Enterprises

Titan’s Oval Gear flow meters are high performance measuring devices, particularly with higher viscosity liquids. With Brexit pushing up the cost of materials and greater production lead times, Titan Enterprises have taken advantage of the challenge by improving the design of their Oval Gear flowmeters and limiting the impact on their customers. These compact rugged positive displacement flowmeters incorporate a new machined stainless-steel, high viscosity design for both the body and caps of their OG3 and OG4 models. A repositioning of the spindle within the flowmeter cap and body will also minimise any potential damage – and thus repair costs – to the meter if debris enters the flow.

The design improvements have also increased the standard design pressure of both the OG3 and OG4 flowmeters, from 50 bar to a maximum operational pressure rating of 100 bar, making these more affordable units for some users.

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