PUBLIC Eat Safely and Sustainably with Schaeffler products

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As Ralf Moseberg, Senior Vice President of Industrial Automation at Schaeffler, emphasises: “The foundation for the use of resources is laid as early as the design and development phases for production equipment. It must focus on comparing the efficiency and operating points of the various drive systems, such as torque motors or geared motors, extending the relubri-cation intervals and service life of components, reducing friction, and optimising seals.”

With these words in mind, Schaeffler has expanded its food programme to include the corrosion-resistant, sealed standard deep groove ball bearings, which come with an initial application of lubricants produced to food industry standards.

Furthermore, Schaeffler have brought out their new radial insert ball bearing and housing units for sensitive application ar-eas. Made ready to fit of white, glass fibre reinforced plastic, providing resistance levels for food processing applications. The selected materials ensure high media resistance to weak acids, cleaning agents, seawater, and can be used in a wide range of applications due to the allergen-free lubricating grease.

As Ralf Moseberg states, a designer needs to look at the whole process, including lubrication, which is why Schaeffler offers Lubtect, an option for keeping lubricant safely inside the bearing. Lubtect is a porous, though dimensionally stable polymer, which ensures continuous and reliable lubrication, whilst meeting the high safety requirements for the food industry. The lubricant is permanently stored in the porous structure of the compound, minimising, if not eliminating, the risk of contami-nation from escaping lubricant. The bearings are lubricated for life, removing the potential for the use of grease guns in these particularly sensitive application areas.

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