Keeping industry in motion with reliable and efficient power sources is a key requirement as is the increasing demand for improving energy efficiency across all manufacturing processes. Regenerative drive solutions are playing an important role in the quest for ‘Greener Energy’ alternatives and Drives, Motors and Control specialist YASKAWA have developed an impressive range of drives to meet these demands. Their latest range includes three main options; the U1000 Low Harmonics Regenerative Matrix Converter, the D1000 Power Regenerative Converter and the R1000 Regenerative Unit.

A good example of where these regenerative drives have been successful is at Scunthorpe based CP Automation UK Ltd a long established supplier of harmonic filters, AC Drives and automation systems for heavy lifting industrial applications, such as Cranes and Elevators.

Brian Preston, General Manager at CP Automation appreciates the advanced technology of the R1000 regenerative unit. He confirmed, “The Yaskawa series of regenerative solutions are an excellent option for our elevator and lift applications as the motor is acting as a generator for approximately 50% of its use. It enables energy that would have traditionally been ‘lost’ as heat through braking resistors to be regenerated back to the supply to be used elsewhere in the building. The result is a reduction of the overall power consumption of the building by up to 75% compared to non-regenerative drive solutions”.

Brian continued, “We have successfully installed the Yaskawa R1000 regenerative units in hundreds of applications Worldwide to help lower overall building operating costs. This means we’ve delivered significant annual energy savings to building owners and tenants’ year-after-year during the life of the elevator”.  In addition to the D1000 and R1000 Regen Units, commonly known as “Active Front End”, Yaskawa developed the U1000 Low Harmonics Regenerative Matrix Converter.

These regenerative drives are ideal for single motor drive applications. For example; from power generation and low harmonics including lifts, escalators, HVAC machinery, hoists, centrifuges and many others. They are also approved for global marine installations.

They don’t require any braking resistor which typically wastes any regenerative energy into heat. This means the regenerative energy can be utilised by other consumers in the same grid saving total energy cost and consumption, whilst also reducing the panel cooling system requirements. Also, their advanced technology means there is no DC bus inside combining all the essential features in a single space-saving drive design reducing THDi to 5% without the need for external transformers, generators or cables.

Also, less parts means less maintenance. Other key features and benefits include; sinusoidal input current and power factor at  ̴ 0.98, simple and compact installation 3-wire in, reduced life-cycle cost, reliable operation and up to 10 years of maintenance-free design.  The ability to deliver a clean and reliable power supply for regenerative applications is increasingly a ‘must have’ for all control applications and these Yaskawa drives contribute to delivering the all-important power quality, energy savings, whilst maximising system efficiency.

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