Rencol Toggle Latches: Simple, Versatile and Secure

Toggle latches are a simple, versatile and secure means of closing and locking doors, cabinets and access panels.

Toggle latches consist of a lever, tensioning hook and catch plate. To lock, the tensioning hook is clasped into the catch plate and the lever is pressed down to apply tension and create a secure, high tensile locking mechanism. Not only is this locking mechanism firm and secure, but it is also highly resistant to vibration, knocks, and can even be supplemented with a padlock to protect the contents of the enclosure from theft and vandalism.

Rencol’s toggle latches are manufactured from stainless steel, providing high strength, durability, and corrosion resistance. Numerous variations are available from stock, including adjustable toggle latches, spring loaded toggle latches and ‘claw’ toggle latches which operate without a catch plate.

Rencol maintains large stocks at it’s UK warehouse in Bristol and low MOQs are offered.