Self-monitoring of images for digital printing of tiles

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Creavision is a self-monitoring and vision system that enables monitoring of a tile on input to the machine, and adaptation of the graphic image to the real position of the tile, to ensure perfection right down to tenths of millimetres. It uses a sophisticated system of cameras that focus on, analyse and control the position of the tile, in order to ensure perfect printing on each part.

The dynamic centering system can detect the tile once it is ready to be processed. The parameters are then transmitted to a digital printer – Creadigit – that can adjust the image according to the part to be decorated. High definition and inkjet precision are implemented to create surfaces that faithfully reproduce wood and its natural vein or the appearance of quality stone, in the same way as in a work of art or masterpiece of design.

Research and development lie at the foundation of an added value that System can offer, with painstaking care down to the last detail. Each drop of ink, and all other elements are the result of careful study and intense laboratory work using cutting edge tools.

The printing technology can also be controlled remotely using Crearemote, which enables the remote control of the printing process via a flexible platform that can be used on Windows operating systems.