SR load ring offers ultimate safety lifting at high working loads

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The ICE-LBG SR Super Rotation Load Ring is for lifting, turning and flipping at high working loads. It rotates 360° in all directions under load with an innovative ball bearing technology that offers a smooth rotation. It is used across a variety of sectors such as: offshore, heavy duty lifting, engineering, construction and handling projects to name a few.

The innovative double ball bearing technology means that lifting, turning or rotating under full loads, vertically or horizontally can now be done safely without any chance of the bolt opening mid lift. The ICE-LBG SR therefore offers an ultimate safety factor to the user and the equipment.

The demand for safety lifting and turning at high working load limits resulted in the creation of the completely new bolt, the RUD Ice bolt. RUD developed the patented fine grain steel bolt which offers an impressive impact strength of 56 Joule at temperatures as low of -60°C.

The RUD ICE-LBG-SR load ring can offer safety when lifting, turning, rotating and tilting under full loads. The bolt will securely stay firmly fastened under full loads, vertically or horizontally.