StationScout – Commissioning functions

Efficiently testing SAS with defined test cases

Quick and safe testing in the substation network

 StationScout offers a unique combination of simulation and testing functions to simplify automation, control, and process control communication testing in substation automation systems (SAS).

The new Commissioning functions for StationScout improve testing efficiency in the substation network, resulting in additional time savings.

One significant benefit in this respect is the ability to define test cases in advance. Each individual test step or even entire test sequences can be repeated at any time or easily duplicated for other IEDs, allowing factory acceptance tests (FAT), site acceptance tests (SAT), or routine tests to be conducted more efficiently. The results can be exported in a standardized format for documentation purposes at the click of a button (Word or Excel).

In addition to the clear visualization of the entire substation network in StationScout, test engineers are now also able to select individual signals and group them together in a defined watchlist, to specifically monitor these signals or adapt their simulation values. Another highlight of the new Commissioning functions is the execution of switching operations by means of client simulation.