The Diamond Class for Aerospace Engineering

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With the need for ever harder materials, the challenge of achieving precise geometries and finishes has become ever more demanding, requiring the most precise abrasives. Kemet International Ltd.’s diamond lapping and polishing systems are widely used throughout the aircraft and aerospace industries in OEM and maintenance as they offer the most efficient and reliable method of producing precision flat, polished surfaces.

Kemet’s ISO assured diamond abrasives enable precision lapping of aircraft components to be carried out in production and service environments, each slurry or compound being a specific concentration of graded diamond powder blended with a chemical carrier to achieve optimum stock removal and surface finish, ease of cleaning, temperature resistance and lubricity.

A wide range of flat lapping machines enables the Lapping of hydraulic parts, engine seals and bearings and metal-to-metal faced seals on pumps and valves, while simply adding a Kemet composite annular grooved plate offers precise shoulder lapping of gear faces. Landing gear components can also be effectively lapped with diamond and intricate internal faces/ diameters, along with other aviation subassemblies, polished using diamond paste with Kemet’s portable hand lap kits and Helilaps. Pump, valve and engine seals up to 300mm diameters in a variety of materials (e.g. Tungsten Carbide, Stellite, Ceramic, Silicon Carbide, Carbon, Brass) can all be lapped and polished, some to a mirror finish where required, under production conditions using diamond to a flatness of two to three light bands (<0.001mm).

Kemet also offers a huge range of products from Deburring to Passivation for Aerospace Engineering & Surface Finishing.

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