Titan’s Ultrasonic Flowmeter Ideal for Ultra-Pure Water Applications

Titan Enterprises

Clean bore flow measurement devices such as Titan Enterprises’ Metraflow® ultrasonic flowmeter, offer the ideal solution for dispensing applications requiring a high degree of cleanliness. Typically used in production and cleaning processes within pharmaceutical, medical and semiconductor industries, ultra-pure water (UPW) is an important component where impurities can cause product contamination or impact process efficiency. Metraflow’s high performance PFA polymer tubing offers excellent chemical inertness and an ultra-high grade of purity. Non-intrusive with no internal moving parts, Metraflow® gives an accuracy of +/-0.5% FSD and repeatability across flow ranges from 20 to 5000 ml/min. Its wide flow range and PFA (FDA approved) tubing makes this ultrasonic flow meter also highly suited to aggressive chemical flow measurement.

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