Traffic detection and control: nothing goes unseen with Teledyne FLIR solutions


At the Smart City Expo in Barcelona on 15-17 November 2022, Teledyne FLIR will shine the spotlight on its wide range of intelligent and highly effective transportation solutions. FLIR cameras, sensors and software are already revolutionising traffic flows on roadways around the world. Visitors to the exhibition will discover how the company’s unique, field-proven solutions help vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists move safely and smoothly through complex urban environments.

From Stand 211 (Hall 2, Level 0, Street A), Teledyne FLIR will set out its offer for signal control, data analysis, incident response and public transportation, where focus areas such as artificial intelligence (AI) will take centre stage. AI is enabling a new class of intelligent transportation system (ITS) that connect vehicles, traffic signals and other infrastructure to help ease congestion, prevent accidents, reduce emissions and make transportation more efficient. AI-based products make it possible for vehicles, roadways, travellers and traffic management centres to communicate with each other in near-real time, bringing about a number of important advantages.

For instance, reliable vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian detection - paired with V2X and AI capabilities - outperform conventional presence sensors for safer, smoother intersection signal control. Among the core FLIR solutions here is the ThermiCam AI thermal traffic sensor. Featuring edge-based AI algorithms, ThermiCam AI is capable of tracking multiple objects in any lighting conditions for safer, more efficient cities. Another important product is FLIR’s TrafiCam AI HD traffic sensor. Based on a low-light HD visible camera, TrafiCam AI offers detailed vision to provide highly competent intersection control.

Smart City Expo visitors will also be able to discover FLIR products such as TrafiRadar, a vehicle presence sensor that combines a video sensor with radar technology. This solution is ideal for stop bar and advance vehicle presence detection, traffic adaptive systems and dilemma-zone protection. Moreover, the company will showcase its TrafiOne smart city sensor, an all-in-one Wi-Fi-based solution for traffic monitoring and dynamic traffic signal control even in total darkness or adverse weather, while a further product on show will be ThermiCam 2 Dual, which combines best-in-class thermal and visual imaging technology with advanced video analytics for day and night monitoring.

Looking to smart cities and the growing use of autonomous vehicles, visitors to the exhibition can also learn about the FLIR V2X-enabled traffic management system, which provides real-time traffic information and allows vehicles to ‘talk’ with infrastructure and other vehicles to promote road safety.

To support solutions for signal control, FLIR can offer its Acyclica smart city platform for data analysis, which is able to generate detailed, highly visual reports from a continuous data stream and provide unmatched insight into the way people move. Acyclica transforms mountains of data into actionable information to help agencies understand travel times, traffic patterns and congestion.

Incident response is another critical function of smart cities, where solutions include FLIR VIP-HD, a multifunctional video image processing module for automatic incident detection, data collection, recording of pre and post-incident image sequences, and video streaming. Also available is TrafiBot2, a compact, rugged camera solution for automatic incident detection that combines full HD visual imaging with advanced video analytics. In addition, Teledyne FLIR can offer its ITS-Series thermal camera for automatic incident detection, allowing traffic operators to see clearly in total darkness, in bad weather and over a long range. There is even a dual vision camera version for applications such as fire detection in tunnels.

As for public transportation, the latest innovations from Teledyne FLIR can detect activity around platforms and tracks, monitor seat occupancy on buses and trains, and quickly respond to on-board fires. By way of example, FLIR thermal imaging cameras detect people on metro, tram or railway tracks in any lighting conditions.

Continuing the innovation theme, the FLIR ITS-Series Rail is an integrated thermal camera and detector that does not need light to operate, but uses thermal energy to detect vehicles, people and large animals on the darkest of nights, while the FLIR ThermiBot2 intelligent thermal imaging camera for applications such as level crossing safety sees integrated sensors give train and tram operators advanced warning of upcoming obstructions.

Whatever the smart city traffic requirement, Teledyne FLIR has the solution. As exhibition visitors will discover, literally nothing goes unseen.

About Teledyne FLIR

Teledyne FLIR, a Teledyne Technologies company, is a world leader in intelligent sensing solutions for defense and industrial applications with approximately 4,000 employees worldwide. Founded in 1978, the company creates advanced technologies to help professionals make better, faster decisions that save lives and livelihoods. For more information, please visit or follow @flir.