User summits have focus on online education

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Maplesoft has announced an International Summit Series on online education, two summits of which will be in European cities. The series of five Maple T.A. and Möbius User Summits includes stops in London (September 7-8, 2017) and Turin, Italy (October 12) and will focus on transformations in online education. Educators, long-time customers and users will gather for discussions on evolving trends and technology in online education, and hear presentations on the latest news and features of Maplesoft’s online STEM courseware platform Möbius, as well as the popular testing and assessment tool Maple T.A.

Attendees will examine the present and future of online education, including some of the ways in which technology can be used to provide an effective and engaging online STEM learning experience that benefits both students and educators. Those in attendance will have the opportunity to network with educators from around the world, discover how online learning solutions are being implemented, and learn about new tools that are being developed to further enhance e-learning opportunities. The summits will feature up-to-date information on Maplesoft products, presentations from users and developers, and training sessions on how to most effectively utilize these online education solutions.

The summits will feature speakers from institutions throughout Europe, including the University of Birmingham, the University of Manchester, the University of Turin, Chalmers University and Gothenburg University in Sweden, the Vienna University of Technology and Delft University in the Netherlands.  These institutions have used Maplesoft’s solutions to revamp the way teachers administer courses and materials, and will share their experiences.

For the past 30 years, Maplesoft has been developing tools and solutions to enhance education and educational delivery methods, and improve the learning experience for teachers and students. Jim Cooper, President and CEO of Maplesoft, will discuss the company’s vision for the future of online education, and how new solutions and technologies are making education more accessible globally. He will be supported by user presentations from institutions around the world, including the United Kingdom, Italy, Sweden, Austria, the United States and Canada, to illustrate the impact Maplesoft learning solutions are having on leading universities.

“With increasing demand for online education, online solutions must continually evolve and adapt to meet the growing need for greater accessibility and enhanced ease of use, especially when it comes to STEM education,” Cooper said. “Maplesoft continues to make it a priority to develop the best tools and solutions possible to equip institutions to deliver high-quality STEM education to engage students from around the world. We are committed to working directly with our customers to assess their needs and provide them with the necessary tools and solutions to ensure they are able to deliver high-quality online education.”

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