VIDEO: How to select the correct cable for moving applications

1 min read

Justin Leonard, the-chain director at igus, examines the reasons for cable failures in applications that require motion and looks at various factors to consider when selecting a moving cable that will work reliably over millions of operations.

Find out how, if not properly specified for moving applications, cables can ‘corkscrew’, or cores break and jackets rupture – all leading to possible machine downtime. In contrast to the frequently offered ‘chain-suitable’ cables with a layered core design, chainflex cables from motion plastics specialist igus are designed with a bundled core design and are therefore more resistant to failure.

The material and manufacture of the shielding and jacket are also designed and particularly suited for use in energy chain applications. igus has been continuously testing its chainflex cables for over 25 years under the most demanding real-world operating conditions, at its test laboratory in Cologne, Germany. The results of these tests are used for new product development and incorporated in its online service life calculator. This data enables igus to offer a lifetime warranty of up to 36 months or over 10 million strokes.