vIRalert 2: Human Body Temperature Measurement System

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Instant non-intrusive measurement using infrared thermal imaging technology with market-lead temperature measurement accuracy..


In a world where global travel means infections can pass through populations fast, the ability to screen people for fever is a key tool in reducing the risk of disease spread. 

The vIRalert 2 fixed temperature monitoring system provides remote measurement of human body temperature (typically the face) to an accuracy of within 0.5°C enabling the detection of the small changes in temperature induced by a fever. 

Most economical thermal imagers can only achieve accuracy to within 2°C which is not adequate to detect a fever however by calibrating an imager in real time against a precise blackbody calibration source the vIRalert 2 system can provide accurate and reliable skin temperature measurement for the screening of personnel at point of entry to areas like airports, train stations, key operational facilities and factories and other places where infectious diseases can easily spread.

Using simple and intuitive software, this point-of-entry system provides automatic on-screen and audible alarms to alert the operator so that early action can be taken to protect the premises against the risk of spreading the infection.


  • Instant non-intrusive measurement using infrared thermal imaging technology with market-lead temperature measurement accuracy.
  • Monitors for high temperature without slowing down the flow of people.
  • Fixed remote measurement removes the risk of infection transmission to operators.
  • Complete On-line System Solution works out of the box and is simple to operate.
  • Quick and easy to install and re-locate as required with standard camera fitting for flexible mounting options.
  • Automatic alert function reduces potential for human error and immediately alerts the operator if trigger point reached.


  • Transport and Travel - Airports, Railway Stations, Subways, Underground Rail Systems, Large Public Buildings
  • Education - Schools, Colleges, Universities, Municipal Libraries
  • Business - Manufacturing Facilities, Warehouses, Offices, Government Buildings


  • Thermal Imaging Camera - Continuously measuring 30 to 45°C / 86 to 113°F, with a 39 x 31° field of view and 80 x 64 resolution gives 5,210 temperature data points per frame, at a rate of 9 Hz.
  • Certified Blackbody Heat Source - Providing a trusted reference temperature value calibrated at 38 °C / 100.4 °F for the thermal imaging camera with a large plate for viewing at longer distances.
  • Connecting Cables - Ethernet and Power between camera and laptop (4m / 13ft).
  • Flexible Mountings - Camera supplied with wall mounting bracket and standard 1/4-20 UNC thread for use with alternative mounting options. Wall mounting lugs on calibration source enable easy fitting with wall hooks.
  • Screening Software - Continuous or still image showing normal temperature in black and white with abnormally high temperatures in red. On screen and audio alarm triggered if potential fever detected. Supply of Windows 10 Laptop for running software is optional.
  • Calibration - Each system is calibrated at our ISO17025 accredited facility in the UK.

A typical detection distance of 1 metre,  provides a field of view of 70 x 55 cm so that checks can be made without any contact with the operator.

The vIRalert 2 is AMETEK Land’s accurate thermal imaging system for human body temperature measurement.

Disclaimer: Human skin temperature is affected by a wide number of environmental and physiological factors. Elevated facial skin temperature may signify a raised body core temperature; correspondingly, an elevated core temperature may not be accompanied by a raised facial skin temperature. vIRalert systems are accurate scientific systems that must be operated strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s operating manual. vIRalert systems are not intended, nor designed, to diagnose or detect medical conditions including, but not limited to, viruses or other illnesses. AMETEK Land thermal imaging products should only be used to detect variations of surface temperature. If elevated skin temperature is detected, the finding should be confirmed by other means, for example, an approved medical thermometer. The absence of an elevated skin temperature does not exclude a fever.