Vishay TCPT1600 and TCUT1600 transmissive sensors for automotive applications

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Mouser - Vishay TCPT1600 TCUT1600 Sensors

Mouser Electronics, Inc. is now stocking TCPT1600 and TCUT1600 transmissive sensors from Vishay. These compact, surface-mount transmissive optical sensors are qualified to AEC-Q101 standards for automotive and industrial applications, and feature a wide operating temperature range of -40 to +125 degrees Celsius.

Vishay's TCPT1600 and TCUT1600 transmissive sensors, available from Mouser Electronics, are housed in a compact 5.5 × 4 × 5.7mm package with a tall 4.5mm dome design for vertical signal encoding. The housing has a deeper channel than previous Vishay transmissive sensors, which enables design engineers to redesign their code wheel to include a push function. Both the single-channel TCPT1600 and the dual-channelTCUT1600 feature a 0.3 mm aperture as well as a 3mm gap width, which allows for looser mechanical tolerances than sensors with smaller gaps. Both sensors offer typical output current of 1.6mA. The TCPT1600 includes a phototransistor detector and a 950nm emitter, while the dual-channel TCUT1600 includes a phototransistor detector and two 950nm emitters.

The TCPT1600 and TCUT1600 can detect motion, speed, and direction, and are ideal for use as position sensors for encoders in automotive applications, including high-temperature motor environments, ignition locks, and adaptive headlights. The dual-channel TCUT1600 can also be used to detect direction in electronic power steering (EPS) systems.