Werma launches new range of modular signal towers

1 min read
Kombisign 40 in action
Werma has launched a range of 40mm modular signal towers.
Until now the user of a signal tower often had to decide between ease of installation and good visibility of the tower. With the new Omniview lens and up-to-date LED technology the KombiSIGN 40 range offers clear and highly visible signalling from any angle or view point.
The new signal tower can be assembled and installed in less than five minutes. The mechanics are self-explanatory and all contacts are marked clearly. There is no need to spend time reading long installation instructions as an incorrect assembly can be virtually discounted.
Often the user would also have to choose between flexibility and reducing the part number count. The new twin light elements, which are easy to switch, offer two functions in one component. Twinlight and Twinflash offer two light effects for different working conditions – easy to switch without the need special tools. The increased flexibility of application therefore reduces the number of parts to be held, helping to reduce costs.
KombiSIGN 40 offers the traditional coloured lens look in the Classiclook range and a more modern and unobtrusive Designlook range with clear lens.