Xometry Launches Instant Quoting Add-in for Solidworks

Xometry, the leading AI-enabled marketplace for sourcing on-demand manufactured parts online, has launched its free-to-use Xometry Add-in app for SOLIDWORKS. Now engineers can get an instant quote for their designs, DFM feedback and purchase their custom manufactured parts directly from within their CAD workspace - making the product design and development process more efficient than ever before.

What is the Xometry Add-In for SOLIDWORKS?

SOLIDWORKS is a CAD software by Dassault Systèmes with professional-grade 3D design and product development tools to help engineers conceptualise, create, validate, communicate and manage designs from build to launch.

Xometry’s add-in for SOLIDWORKS can be downloaded directly from the Xometry website via an MSI Installer.  It allows engineers and designers to get an instant quote for their CAD Parts, DFM feedback and purchase custom manufactured parts, in a choice of 15+ manufacturing technologies, right within SOLIDWORKS.

The Xometry add-in works by analysing the geometry of a CAD design, and then allows the user to select the material, process, and quantity to get an updated instant price and lead time.

The access to competitive custom manufacturing quotes within SOLIDWORKS allows engineers and designers to get early manufacturing feedback and optimise designs for their price and timeline. Users can click to finalise and securely purchase their custom parts from Xometry online.

Seamless Instant Quoting

Direct integration with the Xometry Instant Quoting Engine®, which is powered by advanced machine-learning algorithms, enables you to weigh the cost impact of design decisions by instantly pricing your parts in one integrated CAD workspace.

In-App Design Feedback

Xometry’s add-in for SOLIDWORKS displays instant design-for-manufacturing (DFM) feedback directly in the Xometry add-in, saving you valuable time in design optimisation. Iterate on design features based on real-time feedback in your SOLIDWORKS workspace.

Order designs through Xometry in a wide range of manufacturing processes including seven types of 3D printing, CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication, vacuum casting, injection moulding and compression moulding. Configure materials, finishes, and other specifications to generate lead times.

Download the Xometry Add-in for SOLIDWORKS to start building your next big idea.

About Xometry

From prototyping to serial production, Xometry is the leading UK on-demand manufacturer. Offering an extensive vetted network of over 2,000 manufacturing partners in Europe and 10,000 worldwide, Xometry has the capacity for all your projects.