Converting our waste materials into a gas fuel

“The really good part about coming here was finding technology within the building that fitted in with what we were looking for.” Gas produced by the process has to be cleaned using water and the water itself has to be purified before it can be discharged – and that is where Comocri, another ITC company, was able to help ITI out.

ITI’s business model involves creating joint ventures with investors and organisations that want to use its technology, rather than selling equipment.

If all goes according to plan, Tony Fordham reckons that in three or four years time the company will have generated enough to start putting its own projects together without having to involve outside investors.

And, in the meantime, the company continues to grow. The company has already moved once to larger offices within the Innovation Technology Centre, and is anticipating a further move. The number of people it employs has risen to 15 – including a significant proportion of high calibre technical experts.

It could double again by the end of the year. Turnover could rise to £50 million if potential contracts are confirmed.

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