Coolant pumps head east

Curtiss-Wright and State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation (SNPTC) have signed an agreement to provide reactor coolant pumps for four commercial nuclear power plants to be built in China.

Curtiss-Wright has also reached an agreement in principle with Westinghouse Electric to provide the reactor coolant pumps to the four AP1000 Generation III+ plants.

The aggregate value of the two agreements is estimated at approximately $285m and is comprised of two separate contracts. Curtiss-Wright has agreed to supply Westinghouse 18 reactor coolant pumps which will include some localised manufacturing with Chinese partners. The SNPTC contract is a technology transfer agreement that provides a 15-year license for SNPTC to manufacture reactor coolant pumps exclusively for use on future AP1000 nuclear power plants in China.

Curtiss-Wright’s Electro-Mechanical Corporation will produce most of the pumps at its Cheswick, Pennsylvania facility as well as provide local oversight at the customer’s facilities in China.

The projects cover the construction of four nuclear power plants in China at sites in Sanmen and Haiyang. The reactors will be Westinghouse’s AP1000 design and will be 1100MW each.

‘This is the beginning of a dramatic shift in the global approach to increasing energy supply worldwide, and a reassessment of the value of nuclear technology as a source of energy,’ said Curtiss-Wright Chairman and CEO Martin R. Benante. ‘This effort advances our leadership in this critical technology while meeting the energy needs of the Chinese population.’

In 2005, Westinghouse received Nuclear Regulatory Commission design certification and the Chinese contract represents construction of the first standard AP1000 nuclear plant design.