Cosworth and Storck partner up to improve electric bikes

The Cosworth Group has formed a partnership with German bike manufacturer Storck Bicycle which will see both parties apply their engineering skills to develop electric bicycles.

Andy Warr, responsible for the Storck relationship at Cosworth, said the partnership will enable the two to work together to improve electric bike performance.

‘Our diversification into developing clean technologies has identified cycling and more specifically the electric bike as an exciting area for Cosworth. Storck have a like-minded approach to technology and so our partnership will bring together some state of the art mechanical and electronic developments to create lighter, more powerful electric bikes.’ Warr said.

Cosworth Group will be focusing on a number of aspects of the electric bike, including making the bike’s electric engine lighter, more powerful and more efficient. This process will draw on technologies that have been developed by Cosworth Group for a range of industries including Formula One motorsport.

‘The economics of commuting are already changing for many people, reflecting rising fuel costs, and we believe there will be an increasingly large space for electric bikes in the transport market. The savings available by cycling are significant and electric bikes can make this option available to commuters who may travel distances that are considered too far to cycle.’ Warr said.

Ian Hughes, UK distributor for Storck RADDAR bicycles said the UK electric bicycle market was an emerging one that presented many opportunities.

‘We’ve seen strong growth in bicycle sales particularly for commuting purposes in the UK with more than a million extra units sold in 2010. This has coincided with increasing interest in the electric bike market driven by rising fuel prices and changing lifestyle trends,’ Hughes said.

Storck Bicycle Founder and chief executive, Markus Storck said that to mark the beginning of the partnership, the company would be releasing a Storck electric bike with lightweight carbon fibre frame and Cosworth branding – the Storck Cosworth EFV – which will be available in stores from May.