Cranfield shows water works

Cranfield University has announced the creation of its Centre for Water Science which brings together an experienced research team of water specialists from across the University. It is the UK’s largest postgraduate group offering research, consultancy and training specialising in the science, engineering and management of water.

Professor Simon Judd, Head of the Centre for Water Science, said: ‘Following the integration of water specialists from the Cranfield and Silsoe campuses, and closer links with the Natural Resources department, the Centre is now in a position to offer an enhanced service looking at water from source to tap. Our activities encompass treatment technologies, engineering, irrigation, socioeconomics and policy in relation to the improvement of water quality and the protection and enhancement of the natural, human and industrial environments.’

Specialists from the Silsoe site bring expertise in international water development, management and institutional development for the water supply and sanitation sector and experience in irrigation and agricultural water resource management and planning.

The Centre for Water Science is an internationally recognised centre of excellence. Current research includes the development of water treatment processes for aquifer recharge and reuse, assessing the impact of climate change on water demand and water resource management and performance enhancement of membrane bioreactors for wastewater treatment.