Cube radio

An internet radio called the Q2 Cube has been developed by Cambridge Consultants and the Armour Group.

A user selects one of four pre-selected stations by turning the Q2 Cube onto one of its four ‘live’ faces. A fifth face is dedicated to the speaker – tilt it forward to turn the volume up and tilt it backwards to turn it down.

The Q2 Cube will be launched in Autumn this year and will be available in selected stores in time for Christmas.

It is based on a concept first shown by Cambridge Consultants at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Kevin Taylor, e-commerce and marketing director at Armour, said: ‘When we first came across Cambridge Consultants’ concept for a cube radio, it was the revolutionary user interface that caught our attention. Having agreed to commercialise the technology, it was Cambridge Consultants’ expertise in developing wireless platforms that helped us get the product to market so quickly.’

Duncan Smith, head of consumer at Cambridge Consultants, added: ‘We worked closely with Armour’s technical product development teams and their manufacturer, adding our own electronics and software expertise to Armour’s strengths in consumer product development and home entertainment. Working together, we’ve helped Armour bring the Q2 Cube to market in just nine months.’

The Q2 Cube: a user selects one of four pre-selected stations by turning the radio onto one of its four ‘live’ faces