Delphi diesel for Renault concept

Renault is using Delphi’s Diesel Common Rail fuel injection in its Logan Renault Eco2 Concept car to help achieve some of the lowest levels of emissions to date.

The Eco2 participated in Michelin’s Bibendum Challenge in China this November, an event which researches ‘clean’ vehicles in real operating conditions.

Delphi’s Multec system includes a high pressure pump, a spherical distribution rail and an electronic control unit combined with a software prototype specific to this application. Together, these enabled the car to record CO2 emissions of 71g/km, which corresponds to a fuel consumption level of 2,72l/100km (87 miles/gallon).

‘For a car of that segment it is an excellent result.’ said Delphi Diesel’s general manager José Avila. ‘Knowing that even if the concept car is a prototype, its technical characteristics have been defined to make its industrialisation highly feasible. ‘

The Delphi Common Rail system on the Logan Renault Eco2 concept allows enhanced combustion, resulting in fuel consumption optimisation together with reductions in CO2 emissions.

The improvements Delphi made to the system included adapting the hydraulic maps for the solenoid injectors together with specific engine and vehicle tuning for the Logan Renault Eco2 concept. These optimised engine settings are said to give exceptional low consumption for the Logan Renault Eco2 concept while keeping exhaust emissions below Euro 4 levels.

Delphi also optimised the multi-injection schemes and the injection timing, and decreased idle speed to 650rpm.