Digital mapping

The US Navy has awarded Harris a two-year, $9.3m production contract to supply digital map computers via cockpit displays on military jets and helicopters.

Under the contract, Harris will supply more than 200 Tactical Airborne Moving Map Capability (TAMMAC) Digital Map Computers (DMC).

‘These map computers provide pilots with two independent channels of real-time, digital moving map data, and threat and terrain conflict overlays in various display modes,’ said Sheldon Fox, president of Department of Defense Programs, Harris Defense Communications and Electronics.

The TAMMAC DMC provides aircrews with a graphical image of the aircraft’s position, as well as the relative positions of targets, threats, terrain features, and planned mission flight path. A new version of the DMC, the Digital Video Map Computer (DVMC) also has a card set that provides a high-resolution digital moving map image channel.

The TAMMAC map is used on the US Navy’s FA-18C/D, FA-18E/F and EA-18G.