Do not tumble dry

Salon equipment specialists Avant have invented the Avant Santelubain 999, a £30,000 washing machine for humans.

If you feel human error comes between you and the perfect shower every morning, a new Japanese washing machine could be just the thing for you.

The Avant Santelubain 999, which has taken salons by storm, was designed last year but has been hitting the headlines as the bathing system for the desperately lazy or exceptionally fastidious.

Users lay down in the clamshell cubicle which seals at the neck. They then relax for 30 minutes while the machine washes them with water jets and body shampoo then dries them with infrared heat.

Like an automatic carwash, different programmes are available. Customers can select a seaweed pack or an application of body lotion. Should the process not prove sufficiently relaxing, the unit also emits aromatherapy scents and plays soothing music.