Detecting whether a piece of equipment or a component has been tampered with is now easier thanks to a new product from Henkel. 

Loctite 7414 is a blue, fast drying, high viscose paste that has been developed for use on compression fittings, studs, nuts, parts and assemblies after they have been set to proper tension or position. 

‘This is a simple and inexpensive method of warranty protection,’ states Colin Chapman, Marketing Manager at Henkel, manufacturer of Loctite products.  ‘One stripe of the product is applied once all adjustments have been made.  There is no dripping and within 60 seconds the paste is dry to touch.’

Once it is fully cured, the product fractures if the components are moved, allowing service personnel to quickly spot any changes or tampering with equipment.

Loctite 7414 adheres readily to metals, including aluminium, magnesium, titanium, stainless steel and copper – and is non-corrosive to these metals.  It has an operating temperature range of -35°C to +145°C.

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