Driverless in Budapest

Siemens Transportation Systems (TS) is to install control and safety equipment for driverless operation on Line 4 of the Budapest metro, which is currently under construction. This will make the new route the first fully automated metro line in Hungary.

The Budapest rapid transit authority BKV Zrt placed the associated order, which is worth about €109m and also includes electrification of the line, with Siemens TS.

Fully automatic operation of the new Line 4 will enable a maximum speed of 80km/h and headways, or gaps between trains on the same track, of 90 seconds. It will also make it possible to adapt the number of vehicles in service to changes in the number of passengers much more quickly and flexibly.

The scope of supply also includes a fully automatic depot, to be located above ground in the vicinity of Kelenfoldi station and used for servicing and maintenance of the metro vehicles.

Inauguration of the new line is planned for May 2010. During the start-up phase, train attendants will continue to travel on the metro trains.