Dual-Fuel for Western Australia

A UK company has won a major contract to supply its Dual-Fuel gas/diesel truck engine installation to a transport company on the west coast of Australia.

Clean Air Power, based in High Wycombe and Leyland in Lancashire is supplying between 50 and 70 of its Dual-Fuel conversions to Mitchell Corporation in Perth.

The contract is worth over £1.5m and involves fitting new and existing trucks with the Dual-Fuel installation. Mitchell’s order follows a trial on 14 vehicles that are said to be on course to generate annual fuel savings of up to £40,000 per truck.

Mitchell’s fleet of Roadtrains (multi trailer vehicles running at over 100t gross vehicle weight) transport a mix of fuel, dairy and mining goods up and down the west coast of Australia.

Clean Air Power’s Dual-Fuel application runs on clean Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) which can reduce annual carbon emissions for a truck by approximately 37 tonnes. If the engine’s gas supply should be interrupted for any reason, the engine switches over to diesel without any loss of power. Natural gas is considerably cheaper in Australia than diesel.

According to Clean Air Power’s chief executive John Pettitt, its Dual-Fuel system is one of the only tried and tested ‘green’ engine options currently available for the global heavy truck industry.

‘All the countries entering into the green debate tax their way towards reducing emissions, but what we are offering heavy truck operators is a proven way of reducing greenhouse gases and annual fuel bills by over 20%.’